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Event Coordination

Events can introduce your business to a new market, demonstrate your commitment to the community, and showcase your brand to new and current customers. They are an integral part of an effective marketing plan and an instant way to generate media coverage.

From grand openings, anniversary tours, and regional conferences, Tin Can Marketing has the expertise to plan events of all sizes. The success is in the details and Tin Can Marketing not only knows what questions to ask, but of who to ask them. Whether you’re looking for the ideal venue, wondering what permits or licenses might be required, or need to hire vendors to staff and equip you event, our range of experiences has given us the contacts and knowledge you need to have your questions answered all in one place.

We can help you shape your concept and message from the beginning, then take over the variety of details that can make or break a special event - leaving you the time to greet your guests.

Case Studies
Roy's Chandler Grand Opening — Roy's Restaurant