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Roy's Restaurant

(March 2006)
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Roy’s restaurants were founded by chef Roy Yamaguchi and feature his signature Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. There are 36 locations worldwide, and in 2006 Yamaguchi was preparing to open a third restaurant in the Phoenix area. While this new restaurant in Chandler would benefit from name recognition and the reputation of the other two restaurants in Scottsdale and North Phoenix, it still needed a strong introduction to the Chandler community. Roy’s looked to Tin Can Marketing to assist in organizing a Grand Opening celebration. In keeping with Roy’s tradition, it wanted the opening to be a fundraising event for a local non-profit organization.

Tin Can Marketing researched and presented four possible non-profit partners to Roy’s. These candidates had strong ties with the East Valley communities, had large groups of volunteers, donors and supporters to draw from for attendance, and had internal staffing to assist with the invitations and reservations. Roy’s chose to work with the Pat Tillman Foundation for the event.

Tin Can Marketing served as a liaison between the foundation and Roy’s to coordinate event details, head counts, and publicity. Both the foundation and Tin Can Marketing sent out press releases and coordinated efforts to contact media. Roy’s also looked to Tin Can Marketing to invite key members of the community and media to its opening event.

The Grand Opening served its purpose of introducing Roy’s to the Chandler community, creating a base of guests for the new restaurant, and garnering media coverage.

Nearly 300 people attended the opening event and were entertained by hula dances, Hawaiian music, and Roy’s drinks and appetizers. Roy Yamaguchi also was on hand to meet and greet guests. Of the attendees, nearly one dozen media representatives and the Chandler mayor attended.

Press coverage lasted for nearly a month and included listings for the event, television interviews with the chef partner and Yamaguchi, restaurant profiles and restaurant reviews.

It was also the start of a strong friendship between Roy’s and the Pat Tillman Foundation. The two have continued to work together on other events.

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Roy Yamaguchi in front of his Chandler Restaurant

Roy Yamaguchi in front of his Chandler Restaurant